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How to Disable Hyperflashing (without Resistor)


Hyperflashing can be caused by aftermarket LED turn signals. As LEDs draw less current than regular bulbs the car’s control module “thinks” there is a bulb outage. Luckily our S550 Stang’s turn signals keep blinking as they do with OEM bulbs. Theres just that annoying signal from/in the instrument panel cluster (IPC).

A common solution is installing so called load resistors into the car’s light wiring.

Disabling hyperflashing by software

Some years ago the blinking noise came from the turn signal relays. Today’s instrument panel clusters simulate relay noise through a speaker. So if the turn signal LEDs blink as they should do and only our IPC does hyperflashing there must be a way to tell our car not to hyperflash, right? Right!

How it works

Leave the wiring as it is and just tell your Body Control Module not to check for turn signal bulbs outage – that’s it! 🙂

Proof of concept

So how do you disable?

For you guys that do have forscan, at BCM 726-27-01 change “1” at second position (from the left) to “0”. That’s it! 🙂

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      1. hey sorry for late response im just seeing this so how can i do this for the back of my rs i have some bulbs supposedly they don’t hyper flash im going to try if they hyper flash im going to do this

  1. The vin is WF0DP3TH6H4119611 i put no hyper flash leds in the back it made the drls stop working so i put halogens back on so how do i change that i would also like to change the side mirrors to leds

  2. its ok now i put the regular halogens its good now i think the resistance of the bulb made it not work i want to try other bulbs but they hyper flash currently there is no 3757 no hyper flash leds neither 3157 i bought these from ebay they worked but no drls so how do i go in with fore scan and program it. also which fore scan do i download

  3. Hello I’m having issue on my 2015 Ford Mustang it’s hyperblinking on the passenger side only the driver blinks just fine but the passenger doing hyperblinking if you can help me thay would be nice!! This is my VIN# 1FA6P8CF9F5344819

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