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Permanent SYNC3 Theme ForSCAN Settings

SYNC3 Theme Data Table

All the theme combos available with various SYNC editions

Bezel Diagnostics IDNameBrandAnimationTheme
ford-classicFord Classic00*0
ford-timelessFord Timeless00*1
lincoln-timelessLincoln Timeless80*2
lincoln-D544Lincoln D54480*3
lincoln-blacklabelLincoln Black Label8032
lincoln-D544-blacklabelLincoln D544 Black Label8033
ford-mustangFord Mustang0061
lincoln-presidentialLincoln Presidential8042
lincoln-continentalLincoln Continental80E3
ford-raptorFord F-150 Raptor0051
ford-shelbyShelby Mustang GT3500071
ford-vignaleFord Vignale0081
ford-shelbyRShelby Mustang GT350R0091
ford-classic-vignaleFord Classic Vignale0080
ford-GTFord GT00D4
ford-timeless-10-inchMY18+ Lincoln Navigator w/ 10″ Display only80F3
ford-EVOMY19+ Shelby Mustang GT5000101
lincoln-nautilusMY19+ Lincoln Nautilus8142
*any value

Where to put the Data


Animation / Logo / Splash Screen Demo

SYNC3 V3.3 New Animation / Logo / Splash Screen Demo

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  1. As I am out of this Ford hacking business I appreciate updates to the settings table for late models. Know a new configuration? Feel free to share here in the comments! 🙂 I will happily add them to the list above and give credit. Cheers!

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