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Shelby (GT500) & Lincoln Nautilus Animations in SYNC3 3.3

With version 3.3 there is an update for MY19 (MY18.5+ to be more specific) Ford vehicles that come with SYNC3 APIM. It is not (yet) compatible with older cars.

New Functions in 3.3

For the European edition the update brings…

  • lots of radio station icons
  • new voice package
  • new gracenote package
  • selectable background images (choice of four) in Settings -> Display -> Background

With the selectable backgrounds I am not sure if this feature already came with 3.2. See it in action in the video below.

New Animations

Version 3.3 has two new splash screens (welcome/farewell animations):

  • ford-EVO: Shelby Snake with Ford Performance subtitle. Probably for Shelby Mustang GT500 or other Shelby Mods.
  • lincoln-nautilus: Guess what, it’s for the MY19+ Lincoln Nautilus.

Both animations come with the standard design of their brands.

See them here:

Information for diagnostic guys

The data to modify as built information to permanently set design themes can be found here:

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